Linea gemellare Pliko Mini Twin Mod red Peg Perego - Negozio per bambini

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Pliko Mini Twin Mod red Peg Perego
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Peg Perego: Pliko Mini Twin Mod red
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  Aperto Chiuso
Altezza (cm) 102  97 
Larghezza (cm) 76,8  53,5 
Profondità (cm) 85,5  36,5 
 Peso (kg): 11   
Linea gemellare - Pliko Mini Twin Mod red by Peg Perego

Pliko Mini Twin Peg Perego.

Il Passeggino Gemellare Pliko Mini Twin è la versione gemellare del celebre passeggino Peg Perego.
Pliko Mini Twin è il passeggino ultraleggero, adatto dalla nascita del bambino grazie ai suoi schienali completamente reclinabile, indipendentemente.
Il passeggino è stato dotato di ruote con cuscinetti a sfera, per facilitare la guida e renderla fluida e leggera per il genitore.
La chiusura del passeggino è ad ombrello, e può essere trasportato facilmente grazie alle come de maniglie, sia laterali che anteriori.

Pliko Mini Twin è il passeggino gemellare ideale per gemelli o bambini vicini di età, assicurando dei viaggi confortevoli per i bambini, e la massima praticità per i genitori.

Caratteristiche Passeggino Gemellare Pliko Mini Twin:

Adatto dalla nascita
Schienale reclinabile fino alla posizione orizzontale
Ruote con cuscinetti a sfera
Maniglie Perego trasporto
Cestello capiente

Dimensioni passeggino aperto:

Larghezza: 76,8 cm
Altezza: 102 cm
Profondità: 85,5 cm

Dimensioni passeggino chiuso:

Larghezza: 53,5 cm
Altezza: 97 cm
Profondità: 36,5 cm

Peso: 11 Kg

Pliko Mini Twin Peg Perego.

Pliko Mini Twin is the stroller with side-by-side child seats for twins or siblings close in age and suitable from birth (0-36 months). Agile and manoeuvrable, the Pliko Mini Twin is the lightest of Peg Perego's twin strollers because its chassis is made of lacquered aluminium.

Compactness and agility, 100% shopping-proof!

Incredibly compact, Pliko Mini Twin will be your invaluable aid during errands, even if you have 2 children. Pliko Min Twin makes everything simpler for you - shopping, going for a walk or to the nursery are possible feats, loading the stroller in the car is easy and taking a bus is no longer a nightmare!

Thanks to the central handle with height-adjustable ergonomic handles, you can comfortably move the Pliko Mini Twin with one hand, with added freedom of movement. Its sprung wheels offer you maximum smoothness (even after years of use) and the ball bearings on the front swivel wheels allow you to steer with ease. Pliko Mini Twin does all the heavy work, while you enjoy the lightness of moving with ease.

This compact, light stroller (11 kg) can be folded with one hand (no need to bend!), which is an incredible advantage that only Peg Perego experience can offer.

Its umbrella-fold means it takes up very little room when folded. It fits anywhere, on the landing, the bus, at nursery, at the swimming pool. Pliko Mini Twin ensures perfect hygiene because the fabric never touches the ground.

The measure of freedom.

Being only 76.8 cm in width, 102 cm in height and 85.5 cm in depth means having so much more freedom and agility. True satisfaction comes when it is

time to set off on an outing: Pliko Mini Twin fits comfortably in the trunk of the car and still leaves room for many more things! Its incredible measures when closed: only 53.5 cm wide, 97 cm high and 36.5 cm deep.

Suitable: from/to 0-36 months.

Product features: 2 hoods with peep-hole with net, toy hook, spacious basket, 2 independent reclining backrests in multiple positions up to 150°.

Grip: Height-adjustable ergonomic handles

Accessories: Stroller Cup holder; Bag; Rain Cover all; Baby Cushion; Parasol; Vario Foot Muff, Foot Muff.

Chassis fold: Umbrella-fold, free standing, the fabric does not touch the ground so it stays clean.

NO STRESS folding Compact umbrella-fold.

Transport: Side handle for transport when folded.

Hood: Adjustable, peek-out window and toy holder.

Seat: Wide and comfortable seat with height-adjustable 5-point safety harness. Adjustable leg rest.

Backrest/leg rest: Independent backrests adjustable in multiple positions (all the way down).

Wheels: Double wheels, the front ones with ball bearings are lockable swivelling wheels, the back ones have a brake bar. (ø 14.5 cm)

Brakes: Centralised rear brake

Frame material: Lacquered aluminium - a solid structure to control movement stability but at the same time light enough to be very easily manoeuvred

and carried.

Suitable: for children from 0 to 36 months.

Upholstery: Polyester Size 76.8 x 102 x 85.5 cm (width, height, depth).

Size when folded: 53.5 x 97 x 36.5 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight: 11 Kg

Pliko Mini Twin Peg Perego.

Avec seulement 11 kg, la poussette double Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin extralégère fait partie des poids plumes de sa catégorie. Ce poids minime et ses petites roues avant pivotantes permettent une conduite d´une seule main. Cette poussette double compacte offre beaucoup de confort à vos enfants, les dossiers s´ajustent jusqu´en position allongée et indépendamment l´un de l´autre.

Caractéristiques speciales

Poussette double très légère

Idéale pour jumeaux ou enfants d´âges rapprochés

Doubles roues avant et arrière à roulements à billes

Roues avant pivotantes et blocables

Poignées ajustables en hauteur

Dossiers, repose-pieds et capotes ajustables individuellement

Dossiers ajustables jusqu´en position allongée

Harnais de sécurité à 5 points

Capotes avec fenêtre de surveillance et écrans en filet pour ventilation

Grand panier à provisions

Tient debout repliée

Pratique poignée de transport

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