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Book 51  Peg Perego
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Peg Perego: Book 51
ID prodotto: 49821
Condizione: nuovo e garantito 2 anni
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  Aperto Chiuso
Altezza (cm) 106  83 
Larghezza (cm) 51 
Profondità (cm) 93  38,5 
 Peso (kg): 7,3   

Book 51 Peg Perego.

Una sorpresa quando lo apri, una sorpresa quando lo chiudi.
Agilità a 360° e 30% di fatica in meno, grazie alle ruote con molleggio e 12 cuscinetti a sfera.

Passeggino Book Plus con telaio Book plus 51:
Il nuovo telaio Book plus 51 dal design innovativo, si spinge e si chiude con facilità con una mano sola.
Si chiude a libro e sta in piedi da solo.
Praticità e maneggevolezza assoluta.
Il passeggino si chiude con la seduta in entrambe le posizioni.
Larghezza ingombro telaio 51 cm.
Chiuso occupa solo 19 cm. di spessore.
Dimensioni passeggino: cm. 93 x 51 x 106; chiuso cm. 38,5 x 83.
Peso: kg. 7,3

Accessori di serie: caldo coprigambe, cestello portaoggetti.

ATTENZIONE: nei colori della serie Bloom il coprigambe non è incluso!

Book 51 Peg Perego.

Extreme performance and compactness.

The Book 51 has an extremely compact design that makes it very agile. Its small size means that Book 51 easily deals with urban challenges such as lifts, high footpaths, and supermarket tills to name just a few.

The chassis shuts with an umbrella action with a single hand even if you are also holding your child. It is made ofaluminium, a solid, lightweight material that ensures perfect control of movement and stability.

When closed, it is free standing and folds away to take up very little space so you can carry it comfortably like a trolley case using the centralised handle. The finishing touch is a large storage basket with the 'easy load' system.

Locked or swivelling wheels? You can change your mind whenever you like!

An exclusive control on the chassis allows you to adjust the front wheels with just one movement, selecting locked or swivelling wheels without no need to bend down.

Extremely manoeuvrable for care-free walks.

The innovative design of Book 51 delivers an incredibly light chassis that is very easy to move. The single handlebar (adjustable in height) and the innovative Easy Drive system mean you can push and steer Book 51 easily with just one hand.

Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more. Easy Drive System: less effort and more fun.

The innovative Peg Perego suspension wheels and 12 ball bearings give you 360° of agile movement. This means perfect manoeuvring ease, even on uneven surfaces, and 30% less effort compared to ordinary pushchairs. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels and the rear ones, which are larger to ensure better performance, have a centralised brake.

Book 51 Completo, reversible even when folding it.

Turn the Book 51 chassis into a superbly equipped pushchair! Mount the reversible Pop-Up seat and your baby is ready for entertaining walks. There are two viewing positions and two closing positions. It can be positioned facing mum (for reassuring looks) and facing the world, so toddlers can learn more about their surroundings.

Takes on urban challenges right from birth.

Book 51 Completo is so agile and compact that it defeats the most difficult urban challenges such as lifts, supermarket checkouts or excessively high footpaths. It can be folded with the seat in either position (mum facing or world facing). You do not need to bend down or dirty your hands to align the wheels as it features an exclusive chassis control.

When folded, it is free standing and the fabric never touches the ground so it stays clean, ensuring perfect hygiene. You can easily move it like a trolley case thanks to its centralised handle. It is extremely compact - you will notice when you load it into the boot of the vehicle!

Our priority is allowing your baby to travel safely.

The pushchair has a 5-point safety harness with protective padding and a removable eco-leather front bar that hinges open. Agility and comfort are guaranteed by the single handlebar (adjustable in height) that allows you to push Book 51 Completo with just one hand.

Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more.

The ergonomic seat of the Book 51 Completo pushchair is comfortable and the backrest and leg rest areadjustable, allowing your baby to relax. A toy can be hung from the compact hood, which can be extended and has a net panel that provides extra ventilation on hot days. It is completed with a rain cover and has a ventilation net.

Book 51 Peg Perego.

L'élément de base est fait d'un châssis en aluminium stable, léger et au design élégant. Grâce aux grandes roues à roulement à billes à l'arrière, aux roues avant à 360 degrés pouvant être bloquées et au guidon transversal manœuvrable d'une main, il est facilement maniable. Le châssis Book Plus 51 est encore plus compact. Son agilité est renforcée et son encombrement réduit, pour vous permettre de passer partout, sans aucun souci.

Caractéristiques :

• Pliage en livre

• Roues avec suspensions et roulement à billes pour une agilité à 360°

• S'ouvre et se ferme d'une seule main

• Commande latérale piroett

• Grand panier

Caractéristiques techniques:

• Dimensions ouvert : 93 x 51 x 106 cm

• Dimensions fermé : 85 x 51 x 35 cm

• Poids : 7.7 kg


Confortable et d’apparence soignée, il permet à bébé d’être assis face à vous ou face au monde. Grand toit extensible avec insertion de filet pour la ventilation. “Inclinaison confortable”: le siège et le dossier glissent pour créer l’angle le plus confortable pour bébé, contrairement à d’autres inclinaisons de sièges dont l’angle demeure le même. Elle se ferme “comme un livre” ce qui garde le recouvrement à l’intérieur, propre et protégé. Facile à fermer Le siège réversible se ferme de façon compacte sur le châssis en position face vers l’avant ou face vers l’arrière. Facile à Diriger. Roues avec suspension munies de 12 roulements à billes pour plus d’agilité sur 360 degrés et moins d’effort pour pousser. Bloc poussette réversible, pour que bébé soit face aux parents ou face au monde.

Caractéristiques :

• Se plie avec le châssis

• Dimensions: 40 x 41 x 51,5 cm

• Poids: 2,8 kg

Châssis et siège ne font plus qu’un et rentrent sans problème dans le coffre de la voiture ou le mini ascenseur de l’immeuble!

La poussette book pop-up se déplie ! En un coup d’épaule, le châssis Book se déplie et le siège reprend de la hauteur en tirant simplement sur sa poignée. Tout est prêt pour installer bébé et partir en balade.

Avec le nouveau système POP-UP de Peg-Pérego, il faut juste assez de temps pour le dire, et le châssis est plié et déplié sans retirer le siège ou le bloc poussette !

• Pliage ultra compact pour un rangement facile.

• Poignée de transport.

• Unique: Pliage 'accordéon’ avec le châssis pour pouvoir l'emporter partout.

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