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[DUO] Crosswalk formula Matrix  Jane
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Jane: [DUO] Crosswalk formula Matrix
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Condizione: nuovo e garantito 2 anni
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[DUO] Crosswalk formula Matrix Jane.

Jané presenta Crosswalk, il nuovo passeggino sportivo, compatto e dinamico. Il design all'avanguardia fa risaltare il telaio tubolare in alluminio, leggerissimo, innovativo e resistente.

Crosswalk ha una versatilità straordinaria che va dalla città ai percorsi off-road sterrati, estremamente manovrabile grazie al treno di gomme anteriori montate su cuscinetti per una sterzata morbida e precisa, super confortevole grazie agli pneumatici in poliuretano ad alta resistenza dal grande potere ammortizzante ed ai due ammortizzatori a corsa lunga.

Con lo stesso DNA dell'Epic, nasce il nuovo Crosswalk, il passeggino ad alto rendimento su ogni tipo di terreno e dalla chiusura compatta.
Sofisticato in città e solido in campagna, con queste caratteristiche è il passeggino perfetto per tutti gli stili di vita.
Le sue prestazioni avanzate rendono il Crosswalk un passegino facile ed agile da guidare:

- pneumatici esclusivi di grandi dimensioni fabbricati in PU, dieci volte più resistenti
- telaio tubolare in alluminio
- sospensioni indipendenti nelle ruote posteriori
- seduta più spaziosa con schienale reclinabile in diverse posizioni, compresa quella orizzontale per maggiore comodità del bambino

Crosswalk ha tutto ciò che si può chiedere a un passaggino.


NAVICELLA / OVETTO GRUPPO 0 e 0+ (0-13 kg)
Matrix Light 2 di Jané è l'evoluzione del già diffuso Matrix di Jané. L’unico portabebé sul mercato (brevettato) che offre la possibilità di collocare nel modo più sicuro il tuo bambino, seduto o completamente disteso. Entrambe le posizioni sono omologate per viaggiare in automobile.

La navicella Matrix Light 2 è l'unica con il sistema convertibile G0-G0+.
Il bambino inizialmente può viaggiare disteso, con beneficio per il suo sviluppo polmonare ed evitando così di sviluppare problemi respiratori.
Lo schienale della navicella è regolabile su quattro posizioni per adattarlo alla comodità del bambino, due delle quali sono omologate per l’automobile.

La posizione seduta occupa un solo posto nell'automobile (gruppo 0+, fino a 13kg di peso del bambino). La posizione sdraiata occupa solamente due posti nella parte posteriore dell'automobile (gruppo 0, fino a 10kg) e permette il perfetto riposo del bambino durante i primi mesi di vita.

Principali caratteristiche:
- Cinture di sicurezza a 5 punti.
- Maggiore spazio interno.
- Struttura più leggera del 20% rispetto al modello Matrix 2012-2013.
- Sistema automatico di regolazione dell'altezza delle cinture.
- Protezione integrale.
- Materiale per l'assorbimento dell'energia su tutto il perimetro in polistirene.
- Nuovi moschettoni di sicurezza più comodi e facili da usare.
- Sistema di attacchi integrati.
- Sistema anti-rotazione del portabebè per la massima protezione in posizione distesa.
- Pinza di trattenuta G0+ per la cintura dell'automobile che aumenta la stabilità e migliora lo spostamento in caso di impatto.
- Sistema di areazione.
- Imbottitura interna extra con fianchi estraibili.
- Manico per il trasporto regolabile su 3 posizioni.
- Fissaggio Pro-fix compatibile con tutti i telai Jané.
- Schienale reclinabile con una sola mano.
- Coprigambe.

[DUO] Crosswalk formula Matrix Jane.


Equipped with the same DNA as the Epic, the new Crosswalk is born, the new high performance all terrain pushchair with compact folding system.

Sophisticated in the city and solid in the country, these characteristics make it the perfect pushchair for all lifestyles.

Its advanced features make the Crosswalk a nimble, easy to manoeuvre pushchair: exclusive large PU tyres, 10 times more resistant, tubular aluminium chassis, independent suspension on the rear wheels and a more spacious seat with reclining multi-position backrest, including a horizontal position, offering the child greater comfort.

Crosswalk has everything you could want in a pushchair.

-Weight: 10,6Kg

-Dimensions: open cm. 85/107 x 60 x 95/116, folded: cm. 67 x 60 x 36

-Seat converts into a carrycot


-Hard-wearing and does not stain

-Material with added properties to make day-today maintenance easier.

-Breathable: A property of the material which allows moisture to escape from the body through the fibres.

-Shields from the winds

-Water-resistant: This allows the material to repel water and other liquids. They slide off the fabric without penetrating it.

-Adjustable backrest

-Double brake lock on the handle.

-Extendable hood.

-Tubular aluminium chassis

-Reversible and detachable seat.

-Fastens to the chassis using the Pro-fix system, which means all the Jané baby carriers and carrycots can be easily connected and detached.

-Backrest with multi reclining positions offering the child greater comfort.

-Compact folding with the seat in both positions and detachable wheels.

-10% more compact patented folding system.

-Long travel independent suspension on the rear wheels.

-Inverted “C” shaped rear structure making it easier to push the pushchair.

-Large capacity basket.

-Smooth and effective turning thanks to the balanced detached front wheel

-Large wheels with PU tyres that are 10 times more resistant that traditional tyres and great shock absorbing properties.




The outstanding multi-functional Matrix Light, the evolution of the award-winning classic Matrix. It is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely travelling with baby in the sitting up or lying down position in your car, especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.

This means that if baby is sleeping in the Matrix Light in the house he can be safely moved to the car, taken to the shops, and brought back home again without ever having to be moved or disturbed from sleep.

And the big news is that the Matrix Light delivers great value for money as it can be used 24/7 - for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress, just like a conventional carrycot, or naps during the day.

'The Best Value' - Safety, Healthy, Simplicity and Practicality are the key factors in the Matrix system. A concept that responds to the pace of daily life, where space and efficiency call for multi-functional products. The new Matrix Light delivers the best value because it's a true multi-functional system that gives the advantages of a carrycot, yet converts effortlessly into a car seat - giving you the best of both worlds at a fraction of the price.


This new Matrix car seat offers greater depth and a larger interior making it more comfortable and, most importantly, safer in the event of an accident. The structure, along with the extra protection of the integral Polystyrene inner lining, acts as a protective barrier and shock absorber.


This new Matrix carrier has a more spacious interior and 20% lighter – making it much easier to use. Coupled with the fact that the integral harnesses are easier to adjust by just pressing a button and sliding them to the right position for baby, this carrier has put convenience and baby safety top of the list.


Newborn babies should ideally lie completely flat. As recommended by health officials, this position facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids optimal spinal development.


Not only is the Matrix's innovative design the response to all new parents who demand better adaptation of design to babies' delicate anatomy and their lifestyle, it is also endorsed by recent medical reports. The Matrix Light is JANÉ’s solution to the risks raised by specialists, thanks to its world-patented system, giving your baby the best start in life.


The Matrix caters for the first important months of your newborn baby's life with its healthier lie-flat position which can be used both in the car and on the chassis of the pram. It promotes the correct development of your baby’s delicate back and respiration system and also helps prevent 'Oxygen Desaturation'.


Medical research has proven that in some very young babies (especially premature babies) kept in car seats for more than an hour can have depressed respiration and lower oxygen levels, simply because they need to lie flat to breathe more easily. This is known as oxygen desaturation.

The reasons for Oxygen Desaturation may be varied but include the fact that newborns cannot hold their head upright. When the head 'flops' their airways narrow and the lungs are less efficient if the chest diaphragm is restricted by the restraint straps.

Whilst safety of newborns must be a number one priority for parents choosing a car seat, it is important not to ignore the health implications associated with using rear-facing seats - particularly for lengthy journeys. It is for these reasons, along with our demanding lifestyles based around the use of the car, that Jané’s Research and Design departments are focused in developing the most practical solutions for you and your baby which are both safe and healthy.

¦The Matrix Light is an evolution of the original classic Matrix and is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely carrying your baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for travelling in the car.

¦It's 20% lighter and has a more spacious interior than the previous Matrix versions.

¦Can be used as a carrycot and also for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress.

¦No Time Limits: Baby can initially travel lying down, helping his lungs to develop correctly and preventing any respiratory problems. This position, unlike conventional infant car seats, doesn't have any time restrictions that a newborn can travel in it.

¦Seat Belt Lock: The seat belt of the vehicle can be locked around the Matrix so it can be tightened to give more stability.

¦Universal: can be installed even in cars with shorter seat belts: low-routing.

¦Pro-fix system (Patented) - buttons on the handle control the handle position and allows you to unlock and lift the car seat off the chassis with just one hand. No Need to use or buy extra awkward fitting kits that also require two hands to unlock.

¦One-pull safety harness for easily adjusting harness length.

¦Automatic harness height adjustment system - The 5 point integral harness is now very easily adjusted, just press a button and slide the lever to the correct height for your baby and the harness adjusts automatically. And because there's no need to undo and rethread the harness as you child grows, it therefore eliminates user error.

¦The backrest has a 4 position recline - to adapt to the infant’s comfort. Two positions approved for use in the car under the safety regulations ECE R44/04.

¦180° Lie-flat Position, Group 0, infant weight up to 10kg (approx birth to 9months). Ideal for longer journeys and especially the first 4 months of life when baby needs to sleep peacefully.

¦138° Sitting-up Position, Group 0+, infant weight up to 13kg (approx birth to 18months). Ideal when baby is awake and wanting to play.

¦Ventilation holes in the shell, to avoid discomfort from perspiration.

¦Anti-Rotation device provides greater protection for your baby.

[DUO] Crosswalk formula Matrix Jane.


Équipée de l’ ADN d’Epic, le nouveau Crosswalk est né, nouvelle poussette à haut rendement sur tous types de terrains et avec un pliage compact. Sophistiquée en ville et robuste en campagne, ce sont ces caractéristiques qui font que cette poussette est une poussette parfaite pour tous les styles de vie. Ses prestations d’avant-garde font de Crosswalk une poussette facile et aisée à conduire: des pneus exclusifs de grande taille fabriqués en PU, dix fois plus résistants, un châssis tubulaire multi-positions, position horizontale comprise, pour le plus grand confort de l’enfant. Crosswalk a tout ce qu’ on peut attendre d’une poussette.

Weight: 10,6Kg

dimensions open: 85/107x60x95/116

dimensions folded: 67x60x36

Transat convertible en nacelle


-Hard-porter et ne tache pas: Matériel avec les propriétés supplémentaires pour rendre au jour le jour de maintenance plus facile.

-Respirant: Une propriété de la matière qui permet

-Levez les boucliers des vents

-Résistant à l'eau: Ceci permet à la matière pour repousser l'eau et d'autres liquides Ils glissent sur le tissu sans le pénétrer

-Dossier réglable

-Double système de verrouillage du frein sur le guidon

-Capote extensible.

-Châssis tubulaire en aluminium.

-Hamac réversible et amovible.

-Anccrage Pro-fix sur le châssis, qui permet de fixer et de retirer facilement toutes les nacelles et coques de Jane.

-Dossier multipositions démontables.

-Pliage compact avec hamac à deux sens et roues démontables.

-Type de pliage breveté 10% plus compact.

-Suspension indépendante sur les roues arrière pour de longs parcours.

-Structure arrière en forme de “C” inversée qui facilite la poussée.

-Panier porte objets de grande contenance.

-Douceur et efficacité de rotation grâce à sa partie avant équilibrée et démontable.

-Roues de grande taille avec des pneus en PU 10 fois plus résistants que les pneus traditionnels et avec une grande capacité d’amortissement.



Matrix Light 2 de Jané est une nouvelle version du modèle Matrix de Jané.

La seule coque de transport du marché (brevetée) offrant la possibilité de transporter votre bébé en toute sécurité, en position assise ou allongée, les deux positions homologuées pour les voyages en voiture.

- Système convertible G0-G0+. Dans un premier temps le bébé peut voyager allongé de façon à développer sa capacité pulmonaire et à éviter tout problème respiratoire. Quatre positions du dossier pour le confort du bébé. Deux positions homologuées pour l’automobile. Position assise 138° occupe seulement une seule place dans l’automobile (Groupe 0+, bébé pesant jusqu’à 13kg). Position allongée 180°, n’occupe que deux places à l’arrière de l’automobile (Groupe 0, jusqu’à 10kg) permettant au bébé lors de ses premiers mois de se reposer de manière optimale.

- Harnais de sécurité 5 points.

- Grand espace intérieur.

- Structure plus légère, -20%.

- Système a utomatique de réglage de la hauteur de la ceinture.

- Protection intégrale. Matériel d’absorption d’énergie sur tous les côtés, Polystyrene.

- Nouveaux mousquetons d’ancrage plus pratiques et faciles à utiliser. Systèmes d’ancrages intégrés. Evite la rotation de la nacelle et améliore notablement la protection de l’ensemble en position allongée.

- Pince de retenue G0+. Se fixe à la ceinture de sécurité du véhicule de façon à améliorer la stabilité du dispositif et à limiter le déplacement en cas de choc.

- Système d’aération.

- Rembourrage intérieur extra avec côtés latéraux amovibles.

- Poignée de transport. 3 positions.

- Connexion Pro-fix aux châssis des poussettes Jané: Trider, Rider, Muum, Twone, Epic. M Capote inclinable d’une seule main.

- Couvre-jambes.

-Repousse l’eau

-Empêche le passage du vent


-Résistant et Anti-taches
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