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Beone SP Ferrari  Nania
 Prezzo: € 83,18 
 Raccolta punti: vale 140  
Nania: Beone SP Ferrari
ID prodotto: 50228
Condizione: nuovo e garantito 2 anni
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Beone SP Ferrari Nania.

Il Seggiolino auto Be One è adatto dalla nascita fino a 13kg. Avvolgente e confortevole, Be One sarà il primo partner del bambino in auto durante le sue passeggiate. Rinforzi integrati per proteggere il bambino in caso di impatto laterale.

Caratteristiche Seggiolino Auto Nania Be One Sp Luxe:

- Ottima Posizione laterale.
- Riduttore per neonato.
- Cinghie a 3 punti con regolazione centrale.
- Fodera superimbottita.
- Canopy.
- Sfoderabile e lavabile.

Può essere agganciato unicamente ai passeggini METRO FIRST, JAZZY/ZETA, TURN.

Beone SP Ferrari Nania.

Like the Scuderia Ferrari, the Ferrari BeOne SP car seat group 0 + 0 13 kg is a winner when it comes to achieving a perfect balance between functionality and unique design. The central belt adjustment of the 3-point belt system, and the comfortable belt and buckle padding, give a feeling of complete comfort and all-round security – making it just as extravagant (although not as heavy!) as the traditional Formula 1 Italian racing models.

In the style of the Cavallino Rampante, the prancing horse on the logo for this famous car brand (named after founder Enzo Ferrari), the costly Ferrari features really show themselves here with the Ferrari BeOne SP car seat group 0 + 0 13 kg. This car seat has won awards for, and is unrivalled with regards to, car safety and handling, but there is much more to it than that.

Just as unique and practical is the double-walled construction of the head part, with wide sides for optimal shock absorption. There’s also an adjustable and removable sun roof and a practical carry handle. Furthermore, this high-quality product impresses with its elaborate thickly-padded, removable and washable comforter, which is less reminiscent of a Formula 1 car and more reminiscent of the traditional luxury of a real Ferrari.

Finally, its practical rocking/swinging function makes the Ferrari BeOne SP car seat a real winner when it comes to sleeping soundly outside of a four-wheeled drive.

Baby car seat belonging to group 0+ (from birth until a weight of 13 kg)

Baby car seat attaches simply and securely with the car's 3-point belt, facing against the direction the car is driving in

Double-walled construction, with curved sides around the head area for optimal shock absorption and protection

Comfortable padding in the large seating area

Padded safety belt which can be adjusted with one hand

3-way height-adjustable, central 3-point belt system

Central belt buckle with padding

Removable seat insole for newborns, for stabilising the head

Included: Adjustable, removable sun canopy

Practical carry handle

Rocking/swinging function

Beone SP Ferrari Nania.

Siège nouveau né homologué de la naissance à 13kg. Enveloppant et très confortable grâce à son réducteur de profondeur, Beone sera le premier partenaire de bébé dans la voiture et lors de ses promenades.

Ses renforts intégrés protègeront bébé en cas de choc latéral.

Cale tête réducteur de profondeur.


Réglage centralisé du harnais.

Protection sangles et boucle.

Déhoussable et lavable.

Installation: dos à la route, à l’avant sans airbag, ou à l’arrière

Mode de fixation: avec ceinture 3 points du véhicule

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