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Beone SP Disney Cars Nania
Cars Mickey Noire/beige Minnie
 Prezzo: € 77,83 
 Consegna: entro 24-48 ore  
 Raccolta punti: vale 140  
Nania: Beone SP Disney Cars
ID prodotto: 44295
Condizione: nuovo e garantito 2 anni
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Seggiolini auto Gr.0+ [Kg. 0-13] - Beone SP Disney Cars by Nania

Beone SP Disney Nania.

Il Seggiolino auto Be One è adatto dalla nascita fino a 13kg. Avvolgente e confortevole, Be One sarà il primo partner del bambino in auto durante le sue passeggiate. Rinforzi integrati per proteggere il bambino in caso di impatto laterale.

Caratteristiche Seggiolino Auto Nania Be One Sp Luxe:

- Ottima Posizione laterale.
- Riduttore per neonato.
- Cinghie a 3 punti con regolazione centrale.
- Fodera superimbottita.
- Canopy.
- Sfoderabile e lavabile.

Può essere agganciato unicamente ai passeggini METRO FIRST, JAZZY/ZETA, TURN.

Beone SP Disney Nania.

The Disney BeOne SP car seat group 0 + 0 13 kg test winner managed to impress the panel of ADACmotorwelt and Stiftung Warentest, who gave it a score of “good”. Its side impact protection offers optimal security; the sides, at head height, reach far forwards, and have a protective function in the form of double-walled construction. This keeps your child’s head safe, and gives effective protection against side impact. The 5-point safety belt can be individually adjusted to suit your child’s size. This is very easily done via a button press. This allows the belt to constantly adapt to your growing child. To prevent the belt from chafing, pressing, or slipping off the shoulders, it comes equipped with soft padding. This car seat meets the EU safety standard ECE R44/04.

The Disney BeOne SP car seat group 0 + 0 13 kg test winner belongs to group 0 +, and is suitable for use from birth until your child weighs a maximum of 13 kg. A seat liner also comes included to allow your newborn to sit up in this cute, Disney themed car seat. This seat liner allows your baby to lie back comfortably with their head perfectly stabilised. The swinging function is another practical feature of this car seat. If your child swings their legs back and forth, they operate the swing themselves. But if they can’t yet do this, all you have to do is give them a little push. If you make the seat stationary, the carry handle can be adjusted in such a way that the car seat becomes a comfortable chair. Since this handle is ergonomically formed, it will feel comfortable in your hand as you carry it. The adjustable sun canopy provides protection from bright sunlight or wind. This is practical both during a car journey, and when you carry the seat outside by hand.

Attaching the Disney BeOne SP car seat onto either the rear or passenger seat involves securing it with your car’s 3-point safety belt. The seat must be mounted facing against the direction the car drives in. The seat cover and accessories can be removed for washing.


- Group 0+ : from birth up to 13 kgs

- Rearward facing

- Safety belt required

- 3 points safety belt

- Central adjuster

- ECE R44/04 Certified

- Deep shell with side protection

- Sun Canopy

- Shoulder and buckle pads

- Removable and washable cover

Beone SP Disney Nania.

Siège nouveau né homologué de la naissance à 13kg. Enveloppant et très confortable grâce à son réducteur de profondeur, Beone sera le premier partenaire de bébé dans la voiture et lors de ses promenades.

Ses renforts intégrés protègeront bébé en cas de choc latéral.

Cale tête réducteur de profondeur.


Réglage centralisé du harnais.

Protection sangles et boucle.

Déhoussable et lavable.

Installation: dos à la route, à l’avant sans airbag, ou à l’arrière

Mode de fixation: avec ceinture 3 points du véhicule

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