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Navicella Transporter omologata auto S46 Teal Jane
J49 Green Valley S45 Soil S46 Teal
S49 Black S50 Off White S53 Red
 Prezzo: € 307,51 
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Jane: Navicella Transporter omologata auto S46 Teal
ID prodotto: 51489
Condizione: nuovo e garantito 2 anni
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Carrozzine - Navicella Transporter omologata auto S46 Teal by Jane

Navicella Transporter omologata auto Jane.

NAVICELLA TRANSPORTER OMOLOGATA AUTO, 0-10 Kg., che garantisce la massima comodita', con maniglia rigida per il trasporto. Un nuovo impianto di fissaggio ai sedili dell'auto che permette di occupare solo due posti posteriori. Materiale di assorbimento dell'energia (polistirolo) su tutta la base della navicella (unica sul mercato) e sulle zone laterali. Forma adattata della testata, per contenere il materiale di assorbimento degli impatti, senza diminuire la larghezza interna (cm. 81 x 40). Corpo iniettato in polipropilene (riciclabile) con elevata resistenza agli urti. Possibilita' di facile regolazione dello schienale in un'infinita' di posizioni con graduazione esterna. Nuovo impianto di ventilazione, controllato dall'esterno, per evitare la condensazione interna.
Struttura rinforzata a nido d'ape.
Cinture di sicurezza a 3 punti di ancoraggio.
Protezione integrale.
Sistema di ancoraggi integrati che evitano la rotazione del portabebè.
Sistema "Misuse". Impedisce di installare il portabebè in auto quando lo schienale è sollevato.
Sistema di areazione: tessuto membrana che permette la traspirazione evitando che il bambino senta freddo.
Schienale reclinabile.
Imbottitura interna extra.
Pro-Fix di JANÉ. Sistema compatibile con tutte le carrozzine JANÉ.
Manico per il trasporto. E' possibile sganciare il portabebè dal passeggino premendo un solo pulsante.

Navicella Transporter omologata auto Jane.


The Transporter is not just a carrycot, but also a Group 0 lay-flat restraint system which is especially recommended by health officials for long journeys. And because your baby is completely protected at all times, this means that if he’s sleeping in the carrycot in the house he can be safely moved to the car, taken to the shops, and brought back home again without ever having to be moved or disturbed from sleep.

Unlike traditional infant car seats, the transporter can be used 24/7 - for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress, just like a conventional carrycot, or naps during the day.


Transporter, the new approved carrycot from Jané has a reinforced honeycomb structure that gives it maximum safety in the event of an impact. This structure has been designed by applying the finite elements method calculations and has of course been tested under the most demanding crash conditions.

The enveloping structure along with the extra protection in the polystyrene inner lining act as a protective barrier and shock absorber. The handle also functions as an anti-rotational device when in the upright position; this roll cage feature maintains a protective zone around your baby.

Transporter is fitted with a fabric membrane offering better breathability for the baby. This technical fabric allows the air to circulate from the inside of the carrycot to the outside, ensuring perfect breathability. Transporter also has an extra ventilation system for the baby during the hottest months; this ventilation channel can be opened or closed as required. The backrest of the carrycot can be reclined in various positions from a button on the outside, ensuring that your baby is always as comfortable as possible.


Newborn babies should ideally lie completely flat. As recommended by health officials, this position facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids optimal spinal development. The Transporter recognises this important requirement and gives your child the best start in life.


The clamps that attach the Transporter to the car seatbelts are now permanently fitted to either end of the carrycot and more convenient and easier to use. Their specific position prevents the carrycot from rotating, thereby increasing the protection.

In this latest collection, Jané presents the results of innovative R&D to bring you the latest technology materials whose very special properties are found in all Jané products. Everything is designed so that your baby is as safe and comfortable as the latest research allows. For example the new advanced materials have added properties that make it hard-wearing and stain restistant to make day-to-day maintenance easier.

¦Reinforced honeycomb structure this deliveries maximum safety in the event of an impact, but also keeps the system lightweight for carrying.

¦Integral protection Shock absorbing material all around the inside offers 360° protection.

¦3 point safety harness the harness keeps your baby safely in place even in the event of an accident, and is a one-pull system allowing easily adjustment.

¦180° Lie-flat restraint system, Group 0, infant weight up to10kg (approx 9months). Ideal for longer journeys and especially the first 4 months of life when baby needs to sleep peacefully. Approved for use in the car under the safety regulations ECE R44/04. Universal Classification.

¦Your baby can travel lying down, helping his lungs to develop correctly and preventing any respiratory problems. This position, unlike conventional infant carriers, doesn’t have any time restrictions that a newborn can travel in it.

¦Adjustable backrest which can be reclined from the outside of the carrycot so you don’t disturb your baby when they fall asleep.

¦Babies respiration - Your child needs the support of a flat surface especially when sleeping - the Transporter promotes the correct development of their delicate back and respiration system both in the car and on the travel system.

¦Pro-fix system - buttons on the handle control the handle position and allows you to lock and lift the car seat off the chassis with just one hand. No Need to use or buy extra awkward fitting kits.

¦Ventilation system fabric membrane allowing breathability and preventing your baby from getting cold. And a ventilation channel provides your baby with extra ventilation during the hottest months.

¦Anti-Rotation device handle acts as a roll cage, providing greater protection for your baby

COMPATIBLE WITH Rider and Trider

Navicella Transporter omologata auto Jane.

Transporter 2 est la nacelle de Jane, la plus sûre et la plus confortable de sa catégorie, car on a optimisé tous les points qui contribuent à améliorer la sécurité, tant au niveau de la structure comme de la technique et de l’utilisation.

Le nid d’abeille apporte un maximum de rigidité et de résistance avec un minimum de poids et associé au revêtement intégral en Polystyrène, ils garantissent une capacité d’absorption maximale.

Les nouveaux mousquetons du système d’ancrage, plus faciles à utiliser évitent la rotation de la nacelle, de plus Transporter 2 dispose d’un système « misuse » qui empêche l’installation de la nacelle dans l’automobile lorsque le dossier est relevé.

Quant au confort, Transporter 2 possède un tissu membrane qui assure l’évacuation de la transpiration du bébé et permet la régulation de l’air à l’intérieur, ce qui crée une température agréable pour le bébé.

- Structure renforcée en nid d’abeille (Honey Comb Structure).

- Harnais de sécurité 3 points.

- Protection intégrale. Matériel d’absorption d’énergie sur tous les côtés.

- Nouveaux mousquetons d’ancrage plus pratiques et faciles à utiliser.

- Mousquetons incorporés anti-rotation. Évite la rotation de la nacelle tout en augmentant considérablement la protection de l’ensemble.

- Système évitant une mise en place inappropriée (Misuse System). Empêche l’installation de la nacelle dans un véhicule lorsque le dossier est relevé.

- Système d’aération: tissu respirable régulant la transpira-Système d’aération: tissu respirable régulant la transpiration tout en évitant que votre bébé ne prenne froid. Ventilation additionnelle pendant les mois les plus chauds.

- Dossier inclinable. Revêtement intérieur matelassé extra.

- Pro-Fix de Jané. Système compatible avec les poussettes de Jané Rider et Trider.

- Poignée de transport à 2 positions.

-Repousse l’eau

-Empêche le passage du vent


-100% Coton

Navicella Transporter omologata auto Jane.

Transporter 2 ist die neue Babywanne von Jané, jetzt noch bequemer und sicherer in seiner Kategorie, da einige Punkte optimiert werden konnten, die zu einer erhöhten Sicherheit sowohl auf struktureller als auch auf technischer und Benutzer-Ebene beitragen.

Die Bienenwabe verleiht höchste Festigkeit und Widerstandsfähigkeit bei gleichzeitig niedrigem Gewicht und zusammen mit der integralen Verkleidung aus Polystyrol werden maximale Dämpfungsqualitäten geboten. Die neuen Karabinerhaken zur Befestigung sind einfacher zu benutzen und verhindern ein Verdrehen der Babywanne.

Hierzu hat der Transporter 2 noch ein Misuse-System hinzugefügt, das ein Installieren der Wanne im Auto unmöglich macht, wenn die Rückenlehne nach oben gestellt wurde.

Was den Komfort angeht, ist der Transporter 2 mit einem atmungsaktiven Membranstoff ausgerüstet, der das Transpirieren des Babys durch die Luftzufuhr regelt und eine angenehme Temperatur für das Baby schafft.

atmungsaktiv Eine Eigenschaft des Materials, das erlaubt

Shields von den Winden

Water-resistant Dies ermöglicht das Material Wasser und andere Flüssigkeiten abstoßen Sie schieben Sie den Stoff ohne einzudringen.

100% Cotton Zeigt an, dass die Zusammensetzung des Gewebes Baumwolle ist

Tragegriff mit 2 Positionen.


Haken mit inte-griertem Drehschutz. Verhindert ein Drehen des Korbs und erhöht so den Gesamtschutz beträchtlich.

Neue, komfortablere und leichter bedienbare Befestigungshaken.

System zur Verhinderung unsachgemäßen Aufsetzens (Misuse- System). Verhindert, dass der Korb im Pkw mit erhöhter Rückenlehne installiert werden kann.

Verstärkte Struktur in Wabenform (Honeycomb Structure).

Pro-Fix von Jané. Mit Kinderwagen von Jané kompatibles System Rider und Trider.

Belüftungssystem: membranstoff ermöglicht das Transpirieren und verhindert, dass es dem Baby kalt wird. Bietet dem Baby extra Frischluft in den wärmsten Monaten des Jahres.

Navicella Transporter omologata auto Jane.

Transporter 2 es el capazo de Jané más cómodo y más seguro en su categoría ya que ha sido optimizado en todos los puntos que contribuyen a una mayor seguridad tanto a nivel de estructura como de técnica y uso.

El nido de abeja aporta la máxima rigidez y resistencia con el mínimo peso y junto con el revestimiento integral de Poliestireno ofrecen las cualidades de absorción máximas.

Los nuevos mosquetones de anclaje, más fáciles de usar, evitan la rotación del capazo y a ello Transporter 2 añade también su sistema “misuse” que impide instalar el capazo en el automóvil cuando el respaldo está levantado.

En cuanto a confort, Transporter 2 está dotado de un tejido membrana que asegura la transpiración del bebé regulando el flujo de entrada de aire, creando una temperatura agradable para el bebé.

- Estructura reforzada de nido de abeja (Honey Comb Structure).

- Arnés de seguridad de 3 puntos.

- Protección integral. Material de absorción de energía en todo el perímetro.

- Nuevos mosquetones de anclaje más cómodos y fáciles de usar.

- Mosquetones incorporados anti-rotación. Evita la rotación del capazo aumentando considerablemente la protección del conjunto.

- Sistema para evitar una mala colocación (Misuse System). Impide instalar el capazo en el automóvil cuando el respaldo está levantado.

- Sistema aireación: tejido membrana permite la transpiración evitando que el bebé pase frío. Aporta ventilación extra al bebé en los meses más calurosos.

- Respaldo reclinable. Acolchado interior extra.

- Pro-Fix de Jané. Sistema compatible con los cochecitos de Jané Rider y Trider.

- Asa de transporte con 2 posiciones.

- Repele el Agua

- Protege del viento

- Transpirable

- 100% Algodón
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